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Custom Handspun Yarn

Hand spun 2-ply yarn spun from your pet's fur.

Finished yarn can be left in a hank or wound into a center pull ball.

* Only accepting shaved fur over 2 inches long or fur from brushings*

Chiengora Yarn
Chiengora Yarn
Chiengora Yarn Hanks
Chiengora Yarn - Center Pull Ball
Chiengora Yarn
Catgora Yarn
Chiengora Yarn - Center pull ball
Chiengora/Merino Yarn
Catgora Yarn - Center pull ball
Chiengora Yarn
Aran - Bulky Weight Yarn (Thick) -$42CAD per 25grams of fiber plus shipping
DK to Worsted Weight Yarn (Medium) -$54CAD per 25grams of fiber plus shipping
Lace to Sport Weight Yarn (Thin) - $66CAD per 25grams of fiber plus shipping

Fur that is less than 1" long or fur that has felted (clumped into hard to pull apart balls) will have an additional processing charge of $7CADper25 grams.
There is a 25 gram minimum charge per order. Fiber weighing less than 25 grams will be charged as 25 grams.

Price includes:
-Receiving, weighing and evaluating the fur for spinning
-Washing the fur with specialized techniques to avoid felting
-Processing and carding the fur to prepare it to be spun
-Hand spinning the prepared fur to the desired thickness/weight
-Plying two strands together to make a durable 2-ply yarn
-Washing and finishing the yarn
-Winding the yarn into a center pull ball for ease of use
-Labeling with yarn weight and yardage

Please note, there is often 5-10% of fur lost in the spinning process depending on the condition and quality of the fur.

Add ons:
Blending with Merino wool - $7CAD per 25 grams of fiber (note that this will also increase the amount of fiber to be spun and will be charged as such)
Hand dyed - $10CAD per 25 grams of fiber
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