Custom Handspun Yarn

Hand spun 2-ply yarn spun from your pet's fur.

Finished yarn can be left in a skein or wound into a center pull ball.

Chiengora Yarn
Chiengora Yarn
Chiengora Yarn Hanks
Chiengora Yarn - Center Pull Ball
Chiengora Yarn
Catgora Yarn
Chiengora Yarn - Center pull ball
Chiengora/Merino Yarn
Catgora Yarn - Center pull ball
Chiengora Yarn
Aran - Bulky Weight Yarn (Thick) -$30CAD/25grams of fiber plus shipping
DK to Worsted Weight Yarn (Medium) -$35CAD/25grams of fiber plus shipping
Lace to Sport Weight Yarn (Thin) - $40CAD/25grams of fiber plus shipping
* For any fur that is shaved/clipped instead of brushed or for fur that is less than 1" long there will be an additional charge of $5CAD/25 grams.
There is a 25 gram minimum charge per order. Fiber weighing less than 25 grams will be charged as 25 grams.
Price includes:
-Receiving, weighing and evaluating the fur for spinning
-Processing and carding the fur to prepare it to be spun
-Hand spinning the prepared fur to the desired thickness/weight
-Plying two strands together to make a durable 2-ply yarn
-Washing and finishing the yarn
-Winding the yarn into a center pull ball for ease of use
Add ons:
Blended with Merino wool - $5CAD/25 grams of fiber
Hand dyed - $4CAD/25 grams of fiber

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