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Spinning Pet Fur Into Yarn

You already know that sheep's wool can be spun into yarn, but did you know that your pet's fur can also make gorgeous and soft yarn?
Spun dog hair especially is known for its luxurious qualities, is even warmer than wool and repels water.
Spinning dog hair is actually an ancient art, and dog fibers have been found in the yarns of ancient Scandinavians and Navaho Indians.
Today, spinners call spun dog hair 'Chiengora' which is derived from the french word 'chien' - for dog and 'angora' - the downy coat produced  by a rabbit.
Have a look at our keepsakes and accessories and let us turn your pet's fibre into something you can treasure.

"Kallie, Reggie and Kira the Keeshonden (plural for Keeshond) give highest paws to FurEverKeepsakes! Thank you for our yarn (Keesmere) and our teddy bear! We promise to keep shedding so that we can order more!"

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